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Parcon (India) Private Limited

The Chairman, Tea Board of India, granted our Company a license to operate as Tea Brokers in Siliguri in October 1991 under the auspices of the Siliguri Tea Auction Committee (STAC). We have, since June 2002, been granted a License to operate in the Kolkata Auction Center under the auspices of the Calcutta Tea Traders Association (CTTA). In August 2004, we also obtained our License to operate in the Guwahati Auction Center under the auspices of the Guwahati Tea Auction Committee (GTAC).


Our Company is a Private Limited Company. The Registered Head Office is located at 2nd floor, 207, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700017. The majority of the Shares are held by family members who are the Promoters of this venture. The rest of the shares are held by our Executives and Staff.


Mr. Rajiv K. Puri, Chairman, has over 42 years of experience in Tea Broking and had the distinction of being a Member of the Tea Board in 2007. The other Directors of the Board are as follows:

A. Mr. Raghav Lall - Managing Director

B. Mr.I.K.Howard - Wholetime Director

C. Mr. Shankar Menon - Wholetime Director

D. Mr.Partha Dey - Wholetime Director

E. Mr. Sujit Chakravorti - Non-Executive Director

F. Mr. Ratindra K. Puri - Non-Executive Director

G. Mr. Kiran N. Desai - Non-Executive Director

H. Mr. Prasun RoyChowdhury - Executive Director

I. Mr. Vikas Srivastava - Executive Director

J. Mr. Debabrata Maiti - Executive Director

K. Mr. J.C. Nijhawan, Chairman Emeritus, Parcon Group of Companies,

(this includes our sister concerns Select Commodities Private Limited and Topline Products Private Limited) is also the Advisor to the Parcon Group of Companies.


We anticipate selling slightly over 90 m. kgs this year and we are currently the second largest broker in North India.The Company has been divided into four separate Profit Centers:-

1. Siliguri Profit Center

2. Kolkata Profit Center

3. Guwahati Profit Center

4. Corporate Office, Kolkata.


The major producing companies who channel part of their produce for the auction system through us include:

1. Mcleod Russel Ltd

2. Goodricke Group Ltd

3. Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd

4. Apeejay Tea Ltd

5. Assam Company India Ltd

6. Andrew Yule Co Ltd

7. Rossell Industries Ltd

8. James Warrenrnrn Apart from the above we are privileged to have in our portfolio quality estates like Langharjan, Hirajuli, Suntok, Oating, Sapoi and Bijleebari to name a few.

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the team

Rajiv K Puri
Raghav Lall
Managing Director
Shankar Menon
Director in Charge - Siliguri
Partha Dey
Dircetor in Charge - Kolkata Branch
P R Chowdhory
Executive Director - Guwahati
Vikas Srivastava
Executive Director - Siliguri Branch