Corporate Social Responsibility

The Board of Directors of the Company in the Meeting held on _____ has approved the formation of a Corporate Responsibility Committee in terms of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee for Parcon (India) Private Limited shall consist of :-

  1. Mr. Rajiv K. Puri – Chairman
  2. Mr. I.K. Howard – Director
  3. Mr. Debabrata Maiti – Executive Director.


The functions of the said CSR Committee will be to formulate the policy of how to spend the  2% of the average net profits on CSR activities.

As a policy, the Company will continue to give whatever amount is equivalent to  the 2% of its average net profits to Rajni Nijhawan Charitable Trust with a direction to the Trustees that the donation so given  by the Company must be used specifically for the purposes consistent with the following CSR activities:-

     A.  Promotion of education of children.

     B.  Eradication of hunger and poverty amongst the lesser fortunate sections of society

     C.  Enhancing vocational skills and improving employment opportunities for those in need.

     D.  Socio-economic development and relief /aid to the welfare of scheduled castes and Tribes, other backward classes, handicapped and disabled persons, minorities and      women.

     E.  Promoting sports and other physical activities for children to encourage them to gain a competitive spirit and be physically fit and healthy.

    F.  Promotion of medical facilities, like eye-camps/eye-hospitals/ hospitalization insurance policies ( e.g. Mediclaim)  etc. to those who cannot afford to pay for  expensive medicines and hospitalization expenses.

     G.  Any other just cause for the welfare of the poor and needy being carried out by reputed NGO’s in any place in India.

The Rajni Nijhawan Charitable Trust should obtain a certificate from the places to which donation have been made that the money donated has, in fact, been used for activities consistent with CSR.