Ludhiana industrialists ‘sell tea to collect funds’ for government

Ludhiana, November 11

Today, on the 10th day of the protest against the hike in the prices of steel and other raw material and all round inflation, the Consortium of Industrial Associations sold tea as “Ambani tea” for Rs 500 per cup, “Adani tea” for Rs 500 per cup and Modi tea for Rs 2 per cup, just to signify that when control is with the government the prices are restricted and when privatised inflation rises.

Industrialists collected the money for the government’s fund. The industrialists feel that the government is more concerned about the big corporate companies. Therefore, the industrialists want to arrange and send funds to the Central Government, so that their issues can also be addressed. Again, they reiterated their main demand that to curb the rising inflation the government needs to form a regulatory committee. — TNS