In Latest Photo, Sana Khan Having Gold Plated Tea at Burj Khalifa. How Much it Costs

When former Bollywood and TV actor Sana Khan announced that she would quit the entertainment industry after getting married one and half years ago, her fans were a little disappointed. However, Sana makes sure she keeps her fans in the loop, often sharing photos and videos from her daily life on social media.

In a recent post, she’s seen enjoying her married life to the fullest. She is in Dubai with her husband Anas Saiyad, sharing pictures of their vacation. In these pictures, she is seen sitting in a luxurious hotel in Dubai. This hotel is Burj Khalifa and she is seen drinking gold plated tea. She is drinking tea sitting by a window which gives us a magnificent view of the Dubai skyline.

Sana Khan has written a motivational quote of success and being connected to God while sharing the pictures. Sana wrote, “Never compare your life with the one who enjoys HARAM. In this Duniya, they look more successful but in front of ALLAH (SWT) they’re not and that’s what really matters.”

Sana is seen drinking 24-carat gold-plated tea in Burj Khalifa’s most expensive Atmosphere Grill and Lounge. Located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, it is considered among the best restaurants in the world. Sana’s gold-plated tea cost her 160 dirhams which equals Rs. 3300.

Sana’s husband, Mufti Anas Syed, is a businessman and Islamic scholar from Surat, Gujarat. His family runs a diamond business. He also came into the limelight after marrying Sana on November 21, 2020. Anas has many luxurious bungalows and luxurious cars.

Sana Khan had informed about her marriage by sharing a picture with her husband on her Instagram handle on November 22, 2020, and declaring that she would quit the entertainment industry. Last year, the former actress also became an entrepreneur after opening a clothing store named Haya by Sana Khan.