New season Darjeeling first flush tea receives record price of Rs 23,000 per kg

The new season first flush Darjeeling tea has received a record price of Rs 23,000 per kg. Well-known tea brand Golden Tips has sourced and purchased these new season spring teas from Goodricke Group's Badamtam tea estate.

Golden Tips procured the organic white teas at Rs 23,000 per kg and moonlight tea at Rs 21,000 per kg, the season’s highest so far. Golden Tips bought 10 kg of organic white tea and 5 kg of moonlight tea from Goodricke Group.

These teas were plucked a few days back from the estate situated at elevations of around 4500 ft above sea level, which gives them a unique character and quality.

The first flush is the picking of the brand new two leaves and a bud in the earliest spring growth of the plant, as early as February and often lasting through April. These early leaves are usually more delicate and tender and therefore more light, floral, fresh, brisk, and astringent in flavour.

Darjeeling first flush tea is some of the most prized and expensive on the market. It is so special and exclusive that tea connoisseurs consider the first harvest from this region to be the “Champagne” of teas.

“We are glad to once again procure the most exotic spring teas from the Goodricke Group’s Badamtam tea estate. Our relationship goes beyond procurement of teas and to the common vision of providing a world class tea experience to tea lovers all over the world, has made us natural partners,” said Madhav Sarda, managing director of Golden Tips Tea.