Exchange that sells ‘golden tea’ at Rs 13 crore a kilo to open shop in India

The London Tea Exchange (LTE), which once triggered breaking headlines by offering tea laced with molten gold, will open its India chapter this fall.

A top LTE official told Moneycontrol that the stores will be spread across India, starting with either New Delhi and Bengaluru as the first choice, followed by Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.


The official said the state-of-the-art tea stores will be a unique experience for people in India, the world’s largest tea market.

The LTE is counted among the world’s luxurious tea stores. “In the first three years, we are looking to expand to over 200 stores across India, with a target of 50 in the first year of operation. There will be tea and there will be coffee,” Shahid Rahman, a director of LTE India, said in an interview.

The LTE was started by Charles II when he got married to Portuguese Princess Katherine Braganza in 1552. It is currently run by ex-banker SK Aliur Rahman, who is the CEO; Mike Farnan, former Manchester United MD; and, Howard Dawber, head of the Canary Wharf group.