Assam government announces Rs 1 lakh compensation for every evicted family of Daloo tea estate

The Assam government has announced compensation of Rs 1 lakh each for every evicted family of the Daloo tea estate.

This decision was taken during a meeting of the Assam cabinet on Sunday.

Over 1200 families of tea garden workers of Daloo tea estate in the Cachar district of Assam were evicted by the administration for construction of a Greenfield airport.

“Payment of Rs 1 lakh as compensation to each of the 1263 garden families of Daloo TE (a total of Rs 12.63 cr) as goodwill gesture for their cooperation in the development work of Greenfield Airport at Silchar,” a statement issued by the Assam government after the cabinet meeting read.

The Greenfield airport in Cachar district of Assam will be build is over 2500 bighas of land of the Daloo tea estate.

Earlier, Over 2000 workers of the tea estate protested against the decision to build the airport by destroying tea plants.