Orthodox tea made in Mokalbari TE fetches Rs 22K a kg in Kolkata auction

Guwahati, Aug 10: A batch of Assam Orthodox Specialty Teas produced by Mokalbari Tea Estate was sold in Kolkata Auctions at Rs 22000/- per kg on Wednesday by Paramount Tea Marketing. The Teas were bought by Bhansali & Company, Kolkata for their Russian Buyer Masterskaya of Tea.

The price fetched by the Teas is highest price received in Kolkata auction so far. Mr Anish Bhansali, Director of Bhansali & Co., said,”We have many buyers across the globe who are interested in such specialty Teas.  Mokalbari, one of the top Assam Orthodox manufacturers, rarely sells such specialty teas through auctions. Our buyer is delighted to be able to purchase these teas”

“We, usually, export such high valued specialties to Europe directly and rarely sell through auction” said Ajay Jalan, Director of Mokalbari Tea Estate. He further stated, “These delicacies are handmade from special cultivar of Tea. We are happy to receive good response from the auction buyers and will offer more such specialities in future”