November tea production up 0.9% YoY

High and Low Grown elevations show gain; Medium Growns decline
Jan.-Nov. 2022 cumulative production down 26% YoY
Cumulative production up to November 2022 lowest since 1995
Sri Lanka’s tea production for the month of November saw a marginal improvement, as the total output grew by 0.9 percent when compared with the November 2021 quantities. According to the data released by the Sri Lanka Tea Board, the November 2022 tea production totalled 20.24 MnKgs, which is a 0.18 MnKg increase from the November 2021 output.
The analysis showed that the High and Low Grown elevations had shown some gain, while the Medium Growns had recorded a decline over the corresponding month of 2021.
When compared to the 24.91 MnKgs of November 2020, November 2022 shows a decrease of 4.67 MnKgs. For the January-November 2022 period, the cumulative production totalled 231.86 MnKgs, recording a significant decrease of 47.10 MnKgs from the output recorded in the corresponding period of the previous year. However, this would be the lowest recorded for the period under review since 1995, where it recorded approximately 225.70 MnKgs, according to Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers. 
On a cumulative basis, all elevations showed declines over the corresponding period of 2021. Meanwhile, when compared to 250.19 MnKgs of Covid-19-impacted January-November 2020, the cumulative production of January-November 2022 showed a decrease of 18.33 MnKgs.
On a cumulative basis, once again, all elevations showed a decline over the corresponding period of 2020.