This Tea Was Sold At Rs 1.15L Per Kg At An Auction

Manohari gold tea, grown in an estate in eastern Assam's Dibrugarh district fetched Rs 1.15 lakh per kg at a private auction.
Recently a special tea named 'Manohari tea' was sold for Rs 1.15 lakh per kg at a private auction in Assam's Dibrugarh district. Rajan Lohia, the proprietor of the tea estate said that 'Manohari Gold Tea' fetched the price at an auction on the private portal 'Tea Intech'. Lohia added that they had to sell the tea at a private auction because of a cap on the maximum selling price of tea being fixe
Lohia said that the sale was done with RK tea sales. The deal was one kg of special tea at this price. The Manohari tea is particularly known for its gold variety. It has been fetching high prices at the GTAC over the years and has set many records for the highest selling prices. In December 2021, Manohari Gold was sold for Rs 99,999 per kg through GTAC. The Manohari Tea also has a "Retreat" in A
The estate covers some 1,800 acres, with over 1,000 acres planted with tea bushes. The Manohari The Tea Retreat has partially colonial styled building structure and vintage interiors that elevates the ethnic feel.