Rs 1.15 Lakh/KG Tea: Assam's Manohari Gold Tea Sold At Record Price This Year (Find Out Why?)

One of the most admired beverages of the country, Chai or tea has a new premium variant in the market that has recently been sold for over Rs 1 lakh per kg.
The bells have rung loudly for a rare variety of a tea grown in the northeastern state of Assam at the Manohari Gold, curated in the Monohari Tea Estate, stated the source report. The rare tea is grown in an estate in the Dibrugarh district, lying in eastern Assam. 
Manohari Gold has been sold for a whopping Rs 1.15 lakh per kilogram at a private auction on Friday, December 16.
The buyer has been reported to be RK Tea Sales that operates the Neelofer Cafe in Hyderabad.
Last year in December (2021), the handmade tea set a record and was in news after it was sold at Rs 99,999/kg at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre.
However, due to an upper cap of Rs 1 lakh instituted by the Tea Board of India on the prices of auction at government-run auctions, the premium tea company had to sell the product through a private e-auction, Tea Inntech.
Manohari Gold’s Managing Director, Rajan Lohia states that it is heartening to see that going for a private auction route could help the company break all previous records of tea prices in the industry.
He added that the sale of Manohari Gold at the highest price in India is a big positive news for Assam.
“For the last five years, we have been manufacturing Manohari Gold and the demand and liking for the tea is growing daily. This year, we sold 1 kg of our produce for Rs 1.15 lakh. It’s good news for Assam and the tea industry of the state. The tea was sold through a Kolkata-based private portal and has been purchased by Hyderabad-based Neelofer Cafe,” Lohia said.
He further added that this is the fifth time in a row that Manohari Gold has managed to break records for being sold at the highest price in India since 2018.
It has been manufactured based upon high demand from and will aid the Assam tea industry to regain its lost fame, the MD added.