With blenders support, sales improve at Coonoor tea auctions

Lower prices buoy purchases by small packeteers, internal buyers

Active participation of blenders perked up sales percentage of tea at Coonoor auctions with prices ruling lower.

Traders said small packeteers, internal buyers and exporters were active at lower levels which resulted in the increase in sales percentage by about 6 per cent in sale 19 compared to last week. However, the average price realisation was down by Rs.4 to Rs.5 in the auctions.
Global Tea Auctioneers said the quantity offered in leaf grades was 9,75,750 kg and the sold percentage was 86 per cent. In dust, the offered quantity was 3,81,495 in which 94 per cent sold.
High-priced and better liquoring sorts in CTC leaf was lower by Rs.4 to 5 and occasionally some quality lots sold dearer by Rs.4 to 5 and more at times. The better medium sorts were barely steady to easier by Rs.2 to 3 with some withdrawals. The mediums and plainer sorts were lower by Rs.4 to 5 with fair withdrawals.
In leaf orthodox, the primary whole leaf grades were occasionally dearer by Rs.2 to 3, while brokens were lower by Rs.3 to 4.
In CTC dust, high-priced and better liquoring sorts were lower by Rs.8 to 10 and much more at times with some withdrawals.
The primary orthodox in dust grades were generally easier by Rs.6 to 8 and more at times. The secondaries and finer dusts were barely steady to easier by Rs.1 to 2.