Luxmi Tea Company Expands Offline Presence with its Exquisite Makaibari Flagship Store

Luxmi Tea Company has unveiled its magnificent Makaibari flagship store, "The Tasting Room," at Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport in Kolkata. This exquisite establishment caters to tea connoisseurs who appreciate life's finer pleasures. "The Tasting Room" has been meticulously designed to provide an elegant and sophisticated environment, where tea enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the experience of Makaibari and Luxmi Estate Teas.
With a rich heritage spanning over a century, Luxmi Tea Company is renowned for its premium-quality teas, carefully sourced from the finest tea estates in Darjeeling, Tripura, Assam, and Rwanda. The 20-square-meter space located at the Domestic Terminal in Kolkata embodies the charm of an old British Plantation Bungalow. It offers a captivating fusion of Bengal's architectural influence, beautiful interiors, and the captivating journey of Makaibari, creating a nostalgic and enchanting atmosphere.
The chequered black and white floor arches pay homage to Bengal's architectural legacy, while the lithographic wallpapers transport visitors to a bygone era. Intricate wooden ceilings, paneling, and meticulously designed carpets add an extra touch of elegance to the space. Every element within "The Tasting Room" is a tribute to Makaibari's rich history and heritage. Adorning the walls are photographs that chronicle the captivating journey of Makaibari, showcasing its remarkable beginnings and notable events such as the G20 event. These images visually testify to Makaibari's exceptional heritage.
The Makaibari store presents an exquisite selection of unique and rare tea blends, carefully curated by Luxmi Tea Group's accomplished tea sommeliers. These blends have been meticulously crafted using the finest tea leaves, promising an unparalleled taste experience. Whether one prefers refreshing green teas, robust black teas, or wellness teas that invigorate the senses, the store caters to every palate.
In the near future, the store will also feature organic Himalayan honey sourced exclusively from Makaibari, further expanding its range of offerings. Additionally, the store showcases exquisite tea wares, including beautiful tea sets, sourced from local ceramists who collaborated with Luxmi Estates to create exclusive and captivating designs.
Rudra Chatterjee, MD, Luxmi Tea Group said, "Though we have a store in the Bagdogra airport, this is our first major retail tea store in a metropolitan airport. We intend to open similar stores where people enjoy the finest tea. The decision will not be based on revenue but on taste. While visualizing how I wanted the store to be, I wanted people to get a small taste of a tea bungalow living room in the middle of a bustling airport. Now that it is up and running, it truly reminds me of how an estate manager would entertain guests at his Burra bungalow - warm, intimate yet spectacular."
Luxmi Tea Group's “The Tasting Room” is the perfect destination for tea connoisseurs, looking to savor the finest tea blends, in a sophisticated and refined setting. The store is now open, and tea enthusiasts can visit and enjoy the unique tea experience.